It's been a big month...

Both DS and ALJ had live shows as part of the Soundbites podcast festival and DSI Comedy Theater. Both are available now at the show pages and in iTunes. If you haven't downloaded them, go ahead and do so now. I'll wait....

Got 'em? Good. There has been a staff change at ALJ: Gretchen McNeeley is now a full on cohost. Boom! Dynamism!

Finally, Small Town Funny has a new show called Negative Space!Do you want to learn about the intersection of Stoicism, Buddhism, Rational Emotive Therapy, and comedy? Well, now is your chance. The link is under "shows" at the top of the page.

Small Town Funny removes the possibility of boredom from you life.

The new shows are live and happening

Both A Local Joke and Drunk Sportsfan are up and running (links at the top of this page). Subscribe to the RSS feeds here or on iTunes. If you are an iTunes user, please post reviews for the show there. However you listen, let us know what you think by posting comments or dropping us an email through the Contact page.

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